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"Every man or woman, however weak in body, is the guardian of his or her self-respect and liberty" -Gandhi
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Optimist Essay Contest 2017

If you want to enter the name a young adult fantasy and science fiction award, take the survey here.


Seventh Grade ADV ELA open house presentation
Eighth Grade ADV ELA open house presentation
Advisory open house presentation

I send daily reminders through this handy text or email (your choice.) Please follow the directions for your class and period to sign up:

Remind instructions: If you would like daily homework reminders, class materials, and individual chats through safe texts, find your grade, corresponding text phone number and text message. Once you send your full name, you will get daily reminders. You may opt out any time.

For all grades, text the Remind number: 81010. Then put in the message below. You will be asked for your name then.

Seventh grade periods 3/4 text message: @emsfough3

by email:

Seventh grade periods 8/9 text message: @msfough8

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Eighth grade text message: @msfoughner (if you signed up last year, you are good to go this year)

by email for 8th grade:

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