Learning goals

Gale Opposing Viewpoints
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Quarter One: August 20- October 30
Module 1: Conflict Influences Control
● What is control?
● Who has control (and why do they use it)?
● What are responses for control?
Texts for Module 1:
Short Stories: The Invisible Man; The Adventure of The Speckled Band; The Tragedy of Marsdon Manor; The Problem of Cell 13; Metamorphosis ; The Metamorphosis visual summary; The Lottery;
· //Animal Farm//
Animal Farm research project
Russian Revolution student 2016 topics
Chapters 1, 2, and 3 study guide


Short Stories
Primary Sources
Independent Reading

Quarter Two: October 31- January 16
Module 2: Conflict Creates and Suppresses Power
● What is power?
● Who has power (and how do they get it)?
● How can power be used?
● How is power controlled?
● What happens when power is “out of balance”?
Texts for Module 2:
interview with Sherman Alexie
//Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian// book group work
Guide to Literary Analysis
Sample Introduction
Things Fall Apart
· Selections from Edgar Allen Poe
· Short Stories
· Poetry
· Independent Reading

Quarter Three: January 19 - March 27
Module 3: Conformity and Resistance are Responses to Conflict
● What does it mean to conform and to resist?
● What motivates conformity?
● What motivates resistance?
● What do conformity and resistance achieve/produce?

Texts for Module 3:

//Inherit The Wind//

Watch each of these renditions of the national anthem and complete the rest of this "reading an argument" page

Superbowl Ads lesson
//Warriors Don’t Cry//
Warriors audio book

Racial identity

Independent Book Groups
What Happens To A Dream Deferred?

Third Quarter Final performance task

Finding credible sources

Warriors presentations
•Doll Experiment
A Time For Justice video
My Dungeon Shook essay
Mississippi Burning
· Short Stories
· Poetry
· Independent Reading

Quarter Four: March 30 - End of May
Module 4: Without Conflict, There is No Change
Note card template
● Where/when does change occur?
● How does change happen?
● Who can affect change (and how)?
Texts for Module 4:
· //Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde//
Dr. J/Mr. H study guide
· //Lord of The Flies//
· Short Stories
· Poetry
· Independent Reading
Graduation speech guidelines
Graduation Speech (see this site for the following: examples of when he uses humor, examples of when he gives advice to the graduates, examples of when the President references the news media.) or this site Go to this page for tips.