Advanced English Learning Goals
Quarter One: August 22- October 25
Module 1: Conflict Can Strengthen or Weaken the Individual.
  • How does an individual's point of view or perspective affect the way he or she deals with conflict?
  • How does the individual impact society (and vice versa)?
  • Who or what is an individual?
  • How much power does the individual have?
  • How can an individual create conflict?

Texts For Module 1:
Quarter I Autobiography Writings

Module 2: Conflict Can Strengthen or Weaken the Society. (October 31 2015-January 19, 2016)
Quarter 2 Autobiography Writing
  • What’s the ideal society?
  • What makes societies “work” or function?
  • What defines a society?
  • What impacts a society?

Texts For Module 2:

//Inherit The Wind//

The Necklace

The Lady or The Tiger text
The Lady or The Tiger questions

The Necklace
  • ||
    || Silent_Spring-Rachel_Carson-1962.pdf ||
  • Primary Sources
  • Poetry
  • Independent Reading
Quarter Three: January 21- March 28 Autobiography Writing
Module 3: Conflict Can Strengthen or Weaken Independence & Interdependence
  • What is independence (and how is it different from dependence and interdependence)?
  • "Who" is independent?
  • What is the effect/result of independence?
  • What strengthens/weakens identity?

Texts For Module 3:
Fahrenheit 451

•The Wave
Racial identity
Quarter Four: April 7- June 6 Autobiography Writing
Module 4: Conflict Can Strengthen or Weaken Humanity
  • What makes us human?
  • When is humanity threatened?
  • What is humanity "worth"?

Texts For Module 4:
Lost Boys article

Midsummer Night's Dream